Matthew’s Plumbing Solutions was created in 2017 by Matthew¬† Walls. After working for other companies for many years, he decided to venture out on his own before the birth of his daughter, Nova, so that he could control his own schedule and provide a new, better option in the Wake County area for homeowners and businesses in need of a plumber.

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Looking for a better plumbing option in Wake County? Look to Matthew's.

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Matthew’s Plumbing Solutions began in Matthew’s as a one plumber operation and the business quickly got noticed by customers as a high-quality, courteous, affordable and professional company. Word of mouth got us to where we are!

Six months into being a new company, Matthew hired a second plumber; three months later, another technician joined the team, and so on! Now, we have five trucks and a team of technicians who take extreme pride in their work and excel in customer service.

Matthew’s Plumbing Solutions is a growing, thriving company because two of our main focuses will never change: a complete work/life balance and providing quality, courteous service to all customers.

Our Plumbing Services

We perform a variety of commercial and residential plumbing services, making sure every customer is satisfied with the performance and appearance of our work. From annoying clogged drains to life-threatening gas leaks, Matthew’s Plumbing Solutions has the solution you need!

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